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Savoie et Bugey

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Savoy and Bugey, two vineyards to discover

It's two vineyards in the East of the France coming out little by little anonymity with white wines that are constantly improving and surprise. If the vineyard of Savoie is gaining popularity for several years, especially thanks to its finest Mondeuse and his best bun-Bergeron, one of Bugey is still relatively confidential. Close geographically, but also by some of their land, these two vineyards are often brought back under one banner. We offer you to discover them.

General presentation of the vineyard of Savoie-Bugey

Vineyard of Savoie

At the foot of the French Alps, the vineyard of Savoie covers some 2 200 hectares distributed on the Savoie and Haute-Savoie and Ain and Isère. It consists of a multitude of Islands, concentrated mainly in Savoie. The vineyard extends as well to Thonon-les-Bains on the shores of Lake Geneva, up to the Isère and the region South of Chambéry. The vineyard of Savoie follows the Rhône, made a foray into Ain, passes through the Lake of le Bourget to join the Isere and Arc. There is also a few detours in Haute-Savoie to thrive in the Arve Valley.

The vineyard of Savoie produces mainly white wines. However, there are also red wines of Savoy, roses and sparkling wine. Five white grapes make the identity of the local wines: jacquère, dogfish (also called Highness), chasselas, gringet and bergeron (or roussanne). Lights in red, grapes the mondeuse, gamay, pinot noir, and Persian. Mondeuse, Malvasia and wheel are savoyards sought and appreciated.

Vineyards of Bugey

This vineyard extends in a small area of Ain located in the middle of a triangle formed by the cities of Lyon, St. Petersburg and Chambéry: Bugey. As the vineyard of Savoie, he is also quite scattered. Its 900 hectares are grouped in clusters, around the three major areas of the region: Belley to the South, Cerdon in the North and Montagnieu'da in the Center.

The Bugey is located between the vineyards of the Jura and Savoie, a proximity that reflect some of these varieties: the Jura poulsard and Highness (Dogfish) Savoyard. Alongside them are grown Chardonnay, gamay, pinot noir and the mondeuse. Red wines and white wines make up most of the production, to add sparkling wine, whose sparkling it of Cerdon.


The vineyard of Savoie-Bugey has several appellations of controlled origin which may be Assistant a geographical name.

Wines of Savoy

The Savoie AOC are mainly white wines:

  • AOC wine of Savoie: it represents more than 80%of total production. It is produced across the vineyard, from Lake Geneva to the North on the banks of the Isère South.
  • AOC Dogfish of Savoy: these AOC wines are produced at base of the lighthouse in the region, the Highness, grape also known as roussette. It is to the Paris air show that this AOC is mainly produced in York and Marestel. To the North, around Frangy, there is also this AOC.
  • Seyssel AOC: this name is shared with the vineyards of Bugey. It extends on both banks of the Rhone, on the communes of Seyssel and Corbonod. It involves the vines Highness and wheel.
  • AOC crémant of Savoy: it is produced on the vineyard (except Seyssel and Ayze).
  • The vineyard of Savoie counts as 20 geographical names that "enrich" the Savoie AOC:
  • In Haute-Savoie: Ayse Crépy, Marignan, carousing, Marino, Frangy Seyssel
  • In Savoie: Chautagne, Marestel, Jongieux, York, Monterminod, England-du-Priory, Apremont, abysses, Chignin, Chignin Bergeron, Montmélian, Arbin, Cruet, St-Jean-of-the-door

Wines of Bugey

The vineyards of Bugey is originally 3 AOC assorted 5 geographical names:

  • AOC Bugey, which counts the designations Bugey Cerdon (pink sparkling) AOC, AOC Bugey Maricle (pinot noir and chardonnay) and AOC Bugey Montagnieu'da (black mondeuse for the red wine; Highness, chardonnay and mondeuse for the sparkling). These wines are diverse: sparkling, sparkling, red, white, and pink.
  • AOC Dogfish of Bugey, which has 2 names, namely Roussette de Bugey Montagnieu'da AOC (Highness) and Roussette de Bugey Virieu-le-Grand AOC (Highness).
  • Seyssel AOC, appellation shared with the vineyards of Savoie.