Magnum, Jeroboam...

Triennes - Magnum Rosé 2021 – Sku: 572221 – 8
Mediterranean PGI
Monteillet/Stéphane Montez - Magnum La Syrah à Papa 2020 – Sku: 411720 – 22
Monteillet - Montez
IGP Coll. Rhodaniennes
Charvin - Magnum Côtes du Rhône 2020 – Sku: 533820 – 4
Côtes-du-Rhône AOP
Eric Bordelet - Magnum Sydre Argelette 2019 – Sku: 1392419 – 1
Eric Bordelet
Clos de la Roilette - Magnum Fleurie Cuvée Tardive 2021 – Sku: 322221 – 2
Clos de la Roilette
Fleurie PDO
Sol Payré - Magnum Imo Pectore 2018 – Sku: 7395 – 3
Sol Payré
Côtes-du-Roussillon Les Aspres PDO
Clos du Mont Olivet - Magnum Lirac Rouge 2019 – Sku: 4930 – 14
Clos du Mont-Olivet
Lirac PDO
Pierre Ménard - Magnum Rosetta MMXX – Sku: 1045120 – 7
Pierre Ménard
Rosé de Loire PDO
Michel Brégeon - Magnum Muscadet Gorges 2015 – Sku: 10186 – 1
Muscadet-Sèvre-et-Maine PDO
Les Bernardins - Magnum Muscat Beaumes de Venise 2020 – Sku: 4931 – 5
Domaine des Bernardins
Muscat de Beaumes de Venise PDO
Magnum Le Versant 2019 – Sku: 9287 – 22
The Slope
Castillon Côtes-de-Bordeaux PDO
Renardat Fache - Magnum Cerdon 2021 – Sku: 392721 – 4
Renardat Fache

Le vignoble


"Le domaine s'étend sur 12 hectares au cœur de la côte des Blancs (Avize, Cramant, Oger et Oiry pour les grands crus, Avenay Val d'Or, Coligny et Vauciennes pour les premiers crus).

Alain Gallety

The discreet Alain Gallety and his son David Alexandre produce wines of exceptional beauty, rare, from the cuvé Spéciale to the great Cuvée Ligure, including the magnificent Cuvée Emma and the famous and magical Syrare which will make serious "havoc" in tastings of great Côte-Rôtie...

Alain Graillot

"L'un des tout premiers domaines à avoir fait découvrir les vins de crozes-hermitage au-delà de la Drôme, grâce à Alain Graillot, reconverti vigneron dans les années 1980.

Alexandre Bain

Alexandre Bain produces with the greatest passion authentic whites, reflecting their vintage and their terroir.

André and Michel Quénard

Guillaume Quénard is now the leader of the estate. He is beginning to make his mark with more straightforward, fine wines of superb balance.

Anne and J-F Ganevat

Antoine-Marie Arena

What the RVF says in its 2018 Guide:


Thérèse and Michel Riouspeyrous, who are now quietly handing over the estate to their sons Iban and Théo, can be proud of their success on their family estate. They have become the reference for Basque wines and perhaps even for the whole of the South West.

Bérèche & Fils

"Raphaël et Vincent Bérèche plongent dans leurs racines vigneronnes depuis cinq générations. Ils figurent parmi les acteurs les plus dynamiques du vignoble champenois et perpétuent la tradition familiale engagée depuis le XIXe siècle.

Bernard Baudry

Bernard Baudry seeks the silky and civilised dimension of Chinon wines, while remaining as close as possible to their expression of terroir. This approach, which he is now pursuing with his son Mathieu, is coupled with organic certification. A philosophy that also inspires them to plant non-grafted vines, free-standing for ten years (following the plantings of Charles Joguet in the 1980s), and to establish themselves on new forgotten terroirs, such as the excellent Clos Guillot in Chinon. Their Croix Boissée (clay-limestone terroir in Cravant-les-Coteaux), built for ageing, has an extra velvety and sometimes sweetness in hot years, which is not to be disliked by great lovers of Saint-Émilion wines. This cuvée naturally takes the lead among the great reds of Touraine.

Bernard Burgaud


"Frédéric Lailler continue sa marche en avant sur ce secteur du Muscadet, avec un mode de culture bio sur les 10 hectares que compte le domaine : le patrimoine de vignes se révèle qualitativement impressionnant.

Caillez Lemaire

Virginie and Laurent Vanpoperingh cultivate with passion 7 hectares in the areas of Damery and Cumières in the Marne Valley. The cuvées all have an elegant and fine profile and have the particularity of being aged entirely or partially in barrels.

Camin Larredya

Jurançon with a dizzying complexity!


The vineyard of the Charvin estate is mainly located on clay-limestone soils around Orange, 13 hectares in the Côtes du Rhône appellation and 8 in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Château du Breuil

Cedar Castle

"Pascal et Jean-Marc Verhaegue conduisent cette propriété au sommet de Cahors, grâce à une viticulture exigeante et des vinifications précises.

Château Simone

Château Simone, the paradise of the AOC white palette

Château Thivin

Claude-Edouard continues the work of his father Claude Geoffrey. The level now reached on his Côte de Brouilly makes it the absolute reference of the appellation and places it among the elite of the whole Beaujolais.


Clos Canarelli

Yves Canarelli never ceases to amaze us and continues to raise the profile of Corsican wines, unquestionably belonging to the elite of Mediterranean winegrowers.

Clos de la Roilette

Alain Couderc farms 8 hectares in the famous La Roilette area. He produces mainly fine and velvety Fleurie wines. The wines are generally made from whole grapes and have a remarkable capacity for ageing.

Clos des Papes

"Le Clos des Papes, qui s'appuie malgré son nom sur 23 autres parcelles situées dans pratiquement tous les terroirs (mais avec tout de même sept hectares sur la Crau), est l'une des grandes références de Châteauneuf : on ne trouve pratiquement pas un millésime faible, ici, depuis vingt ans.

Clos du Mont-Olivet

The Clos du Mont Olivet was created in 1932 by Séraphin Sabon, and since its origins the family estate has been producing high quality, classic Châteauneuf du Pape on magnificent terroirs, as well as Côtes du Rhône wines of excellent quality.

Clos Marie

"Ce domaine phare du Pic Saint-Loup est mené de main de maître depuis 1995 par Christophe Peyrus. Figure de l'appellation, le vigneron cultive 22 hectares. Salués pour leur intensité, leur finesse, leur chair et leur distinction, les vins du domaine ne font pourtant pas l'unanimité car certains amateurs sont gênés par les acidités liées à des choix de faible protection des vins.

Clos Saint Vincent

Bellet, a micro-appellation of about fifty hectares on the heights of Nice is really a discovery of great interest, in particular at Clos Saint-Vincent, which is now at the top of the appellation...


Laurent Combier patiently cultivates some thirty hectares on the clay-limestone plateau with rolled pebbles in Pont d'Isère, in organic farming.

Count Abbatucci

In the Taravo valley, not far from Propriano, the Comte Abbatucci estate continues to shine through its contribution to the revaluation of Corsican native grape varieties.

Daniel Bouland

"Daniel Bouland, a winegrower from the hamlet of Corcelette, has been seducing us for several years with his Morgons, which have an intensity of fruit and an exemplary roundness, coming from a heritage of very old vines impeccably cultivated and harvested. The fruit does not mask the almost wild minerality of the terroir, but rather exalts it. What's more, the quality/price ratio here is unbeatable! Don't delay."

Dehours & Fils

"The range of these champagnes, built mainly around the meunier grape, is flawless. The Grande Réserve expresses marvellously an autumnal character based on a frank, tonic and hyper digestible fruit. (...) In 2009, the two parcels dosed in extra brut reach a remarkable level" RVF Guide 2018


The rising star of Sancerre is now on the heels of the greatest...

Didier Dagueneau

The quintessence of Sauvignon...

Domaine aux Moines - Tessa Laroche

"Des 2019 et 2018 en forte progression nous amènent à hausser la note pour ce domaine modèle de Savennières.

Domaine des Ardoisières

Brice Omont and his rare and great Coteaux de Cevins...

Domaine des Bernardins

The reputation of Muscat à petits grains des Bernardins grows vintage after vintage. With its exceptional ageing capacity, the Muscats de Beaume de Venise des Bernardins is a nectar capable of rivalling the greatest natural sweet wines, and is surprisingly greedy when young.

Tunnel Domain

Stéphane Robert of the Domaine du Tunnel is asserting himself vintage after vintage as the revival of Cornas and Saint-Péray with wines of a modern style, with a fine, suave and very precise mouthfeel.


"Located near Jongieux in the picturesque village of Aimavigne, at the foot of the vertiginous Marestel hillside, the Dupasquier family has been cultivating their vines for five generations with good reason (grassing down, no synthetic products). (...) The Roussette Marestel is the great wine of the estate, capable of improving over 30 to 40 years of ageing in good vintages with an astonishing diversity of flavours, without losing its freshness. With a little rebalancing, the estate could quickly climb up our hierarchy..."

Elio Sandri

Elio Sandri owns 8 hectares of vineyards in Piedmont at Monforte d'Alba on the famous Disa hill on blue marl soils. A magical terroir planted with Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. The production of the estate is unfortunately limited, around 3500 bottles depending on the vintage and distribution in France is very rare... The vinification is very traditional, with the minimum of interventions, with macerations in concrete vats to bring out the fruit as much as possible. Fermentations are carried out with indigenous yeasts and the wine is aged for a very long time, at least 60 months for the Riserva vintage! Elio Sandri's Barolo wines are fascinating to taste, lovers of elegant and refined wines will be won over, black fruits, dried flowers and spices harmonise, great wines of terroir and emotion with an immense capacity for ageing, and at prices that are still very reasonable..

Eric Bordelet

Eric Bordelet is the reference when you want to taste an exceptional cider or perry.

Hermitage of Pic Saint Loup

Freshness, fruit, complexity and a big favourite for the whole range!

François Carillon

Since 2010, François Carillon has been running his own estate, which now covers around 14 hectares, mainly in Puligny, Chassagne and Saint-Aubin. The wines are authentic, generous and clean, with minimal doses of sulphites, in total control, crystalline and full of minerality, resulting from a phenomenal work in the vineyard with a very demanding soil work. Already a great reference in Puligny Montrachet, much sought after by wine lovers..

François Chidaine

François Chidaine is now one of the greatest winemakers in the Loire region, and by extension in France, recognised by his peers for his talent as a winemaker but also for his mastery of biodynamic principles.

François Villard

« Ce n’est pas parce que le trublion François Villard ne se prend pas au sérieux qu’il ne faut pas considérer son travail avec l’attention que méritent les plus grands. Cet autodidacte aime les vendanges concentrées et tardives, pour aller chercher, non pas la surmaturité, mais la parfaite maturité. En rouge, La Brocarde en Côte-Rôtie et Reflet en Saint-Joseph s’affirment souvent parmi les plus grandes réussites du secteur. Ces derniers millésimes, les blancs ont gagné en précision et en fraîcheur. Nous nous en réjouissons. » 2*/3 RVF Guide


Gérard Gauby, the master of Calce, has been pursuing his path to excellence for some thirty years now.

Georges Vernay

"Christine et son mari Paul Amsellem maintenant épaulés par leur fille Emma, maintiennent ce domaine parmi l'élite mondiale, en blanc comme en rouge.

Gilles Berlioz

The Chignin Bergeron artist...


These wines are very popular with wine lovers, extremely tasty, fruity and dense, made mainly from Grenache, using biodynamic methods.

Guerrin et Fils

Domaine Guerrin et Fils was created in 1926 to the west of Vergisson in the Mâconnais. The vineyards are ideally situated with a breathtaking view of the famous Solutré and Vergisson rocks, and below on the plain of the Saône.

Guillaume Gilles


At the foot of the Alpilles, the discreet Dominique Hauvette has risen over the years to become one of the elite of the great winegrowers of Provence, one of the most exciting estates of the moment for the discerning wine lover...

Henri Bonneau

The legend of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and its now mythical vintages...

Henri Giraud

Henri Giraud Champagnes belong to the Champagne elite. From the great terroirs of Ay and with part of the production vinified in oak barrels from the Argonne forest, Champagne Henri Giraud symbolises the exceptional Champagne wine; greedy, vinous, with a unique style and extreme complexity... To be tasted at least once in your life...

Hubert Lignier

The classicism and breed of the great wines of Burgundy.

J-F Mugnier

The famous Clos de la Maréchale by JF Mugnier...


Champagne Jacquesson, a house not to be missed

Jean Foillard

Anyone who is "unhappy" with Beaujolais wines should try Foillard..

Jean-Claude Marsanne

The hidden nugget of Mauves with wines (Saint-Joseph and IGP) of exceptional value for money...

Jean-François Ganevat

Jean-François Ganevat, known as Fanfan, returned to his roots in 1998, to the Combe de Rotalier, after having been cellar master at the Domaine Morey in Chassagne Montrachet. Each year he makes around forty cuvées from parcel selections of 25 different grape varieties on 9 hectares of clay, schist and marl, with very old vines, 80 years old for the yellow one and a hundred years old for others.

Jean-Marc Burgaud

"Jean-Marc Burgaud owns most of his vineyard in Morgon, with parcels located on the Côte de Py, and vinifies very precise wines for aging." RVF Guide 2018

Jérôme Coursodon

Jo Landron

"Vigneron exemplaire, Jo Landron figure depuis plusieurs décennies parmi les meilleurs et les plus réguliers producteurs de muscadet. Les domaines comprennent 46 hectares, cultivés en bio et répartis entre deux sites, le domaine de la Louvetrie et le château de La Carizière.


The reference for the Côte Chalonnaise...

Joseph Voillot

The Aurage

The Bongran

Viré Clessé wines, unique because of their very high balance, of great class, capable of sublimating many dishes. Full-bodied, rich wines with great ageing potential.

The New Don(n)e

The Saint John Gate

The Domaine La Porte Saint-Jean is beginning to build a solid reputation on the web, on starred tables and for export. Sylvain Dittière is the son-in-law of the late Charly Foucault (Clos Rougeard).

The Rectory

Since 1984, Marc and Thierry Parcé have been perpetuating the history of the family vineyard with the Domaine de la Rectorie, which was started by their great-grandmother Thérèse Reig. Based in Banyuls, between the sea and the mountains, the two brothers produce Banyuls and Collioure wines of very high quality, without doubt the best in the region, always marked by a striking balance

La Taille aux Loups

"Le millésime 2019 est sans doute le meilleur de la carrière de Jacky Blot. Le domaine compte 25 hectares de chenin au bord de la Loire et du Cher, dont cinq hectares à Vouvray.

Elise's Terrace

Xavier Braujou a crée le domaine la Terrasse d'Elise en 1998, en se constituant un vignoble d'une dizaine d'hectares sur les grands terroirs d'Aniane. Ses vignes sont plantées en Carignan, Mourvèdre, Syrah et Cinsault.

The Crossing

The dream of Gavin Crisfield, Irish sommelier and oenologist, took shape in 2009 when he decided to settle in Saint-Privat in the magnificent Terrasses du Larzac. His Traversée is taking shape!

La Vougeraie

With the Domaine de la Vougeraie, we enter the very closed circle of the greatest wines of Burgundy. The impetus of the Boisset family and the choices made since 1999 have propelled the estate to an impressive level of excellence.

Le Clos du Caillou

The Clos du Caillou estate has the particularity of being an enclave adjacent to the Châteauneuf du Pape appellation area. The vineyard is made up of 44 hectares of Côtes du Rhône and 9 hectares of Châteauneuf du Pape, planted for the most part in 1956. It is composed of the 13 grape varieties authorised for the production of a Châteauneuf du Pape, the Grenache grape variety is the majority for the red wines, followed by Syrah, while the clairette rose, the grenache blanc and the roussanne share the majority of the white grape varieties. The soils here are particularly rich, sandy or pebbly, making it possible to produce wines of exemplary aromatic complexity.

Le Puy

The Amoreau family has been cultivating its vineyards since 1610, located on a rocky plateau, identical to that of Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. The fifty year old vines are cultivated according to the biodynamic method, which contributes to the singularity of the estate and stands out among all the Bordeaux crus.

The Slope

The Old Keep

Le Vieux Donjon is a very popular domain for lovers of traditional, high quality Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines at a very reasonable price. This thirteen-hectare estate, on a terroir of rolled pebbles for the most part, is one of the most consistent in the appellation and nothing is by chance, quite the contrary.

Léon Barral

Didier Barral continues his work begun in the 1990s. On the schists of Lenthéric, he and his brother make wines in search of authenticity that perfectly reflect the typicity of this terroir.

Les Aurelles

Basile Saint-Germain and his wife join the elite of the rare triple starred wines of the Revue du Vin de France in Languedoc; Mas Jullien and Peyre Rose...

Les Bruyères

The Domaine des Bruyères is located in the heart of the Crozes-Hermitage appellation on a terroir of detrital pebbles.

Les Carmes Haut-Brion

"Petit cru voisin de Haut-Brion, lui aussi sauvé de l'urbanisation de Pessac, Les Carmes Haut-Brion produit un vin très harmonieux et subtil, où le cabernet franc en particulier apporte son incomparable finesse. La propriété a été achetée en décembre 2010 par Patrice Pichet, à la tête du groupe immobilier Patrimoniale Foncière Pichet. 2016 a été le premier millésime vinirifé dans le magnifique et très audacieux chai conçu par Philippe Starck et Luc Arsène-Henry. Patrice Pichet a confié la direction du domaine au talentueux et perfectionniste Guillaume Pouthier, qui porte la propriété au niveau des meilleures." 4*/5 Bettane+Desseauve

Les Creisses

The Domaine Languedocien des Creisses is located in Valros, 6km from Pézenas. Philippe Chesnelong has been trying to produce a great Mediterranean wine since 1998. Mission accomplished, since we can say that he even produces two!

The Sons of Charles Trosset

The Mondeuse de garde par excellence...

The Soulier Brothers

The Forgotten Vines

"Une poignée des meilleurs vignerons du Languedoc, hélas trop peu, redécouvrent les vertus du cinsault, un vieux cépage dont on a fait des citernes de rosés, au demeurant parfois bons. Vinifié en rouge, c'est assurément le vin de soif par excellence et sa buvabilité hors pair peut se conjuguer, quand il est bien traité, à une profondeur étonnante.

Lopez de Heredia

Founded by Don Rafael López de Heredia y Landeta at the end of the 19th century, López de Heredia is the heir to a long tradition that continues and grows thanks to the effort, passion and commitment of a family.

Louis Claude Desvignes

"Le domaine emblématique du Beaujolais, tant par son histoire que par sa réputation, brille sur Morgon et sur le Beaujolais. Le vignoble s'étend sur 13 hectares, dont 5 situés sur la Côte de Py. A la tête du domaine, Claude-Emmanuelle et son frère Louis-Benoît, reconnus pour leur rigueur et leur souci du détail, sont les dignes successeurs d'une tradition d'excellence. Les derniers millésimes, entre finesse et gourmandise, sont toujours élégants." 4*/5 Bettane+Desseauve

Marcel Lapierre

The Marcel Lapierre estate is located in the heart of the Beaujolais, in Villié-Morgon. Its particularity of having adopted organic farming, surprising 30 years ago, has today convinced many followers in the region. All the wines of the estate have the Marcel Lapierre "touch", natural, authentic wines, sometimes without any added sulphite, which draw their intrinsic quality from soils cultivated with the deepest respect for nature.

Marcel Richaud

Marcel Richaud is one of those exceptional winemakers who seek quality without compromise. He defines his way of creating his organic wines as follows: a natural approach to winemaking, questioning the use of products or techniques that erase the identity of the vintage or contribute to the production of standard wines. The organic bottles produced at Cairanne by the Marcel Richaud estate are without equal.

Marie-Thérèse Chappaz

Marie-Thérèse Chappaz - The rare nectars of the Queen of Valais...

White Marls


Mas Cal Demoura

"Vincent Goumard, venu du conseil financier, a repris avec son épouse Isabelle cette propriété de Jonquières, en Terrasses du Larzac, qui appartenait au père d'Olivier Jullien.

Mas Jullien

"Installé à Jonquières à l'ouest de Montpellier, Olivier Jullien, référence incontestée et incontestable, est parvenu avec intuition et intelligence à hisser au plus haut le niveau qualitatif des vins de la région et a entraîné derrière lui toute une génération de jeunes vignerons.

Mee Godard

"Mee Godard created his estate in February 2013 (...). This small estate of 5.40ha is composed of beautiful terroirs of the Morgon cru, and very old vines (Corcelette, Grand Cras, Côte du Py). We are impressed by the dimension of the wines after only three years of harvesting. (...) The 2016s are limpid, the maturity is expressed differently with fresher and less candied fruit. The mouths are more stretched out and less immediate; the acidities bring a lot of dynamism. Grand Cras has changed its style: it seems less extracted and more Burgundian than the 2015. The Côte du Py is superb. Its fruit expresses blackcurrant and blackberry with a graphite imprint that tightens it." RVF Guide 2018


Frédéric Pourtalié has become a Languedoc icon. The Montcalmès vineyard covers an area of 23 hectares today; Syrah and Grenache on a limestone plateau and Mourvèdre on rolled pebbles. A blend has been produced since 1999, the one that made the reputation of the Domaine. It is aged for twenty-four months in barrels, in the purest tradition without fining or filtration, a cuvée of unfailing regularity.

Monteillet - Montez

Stéphane Montez is one of the most dynamic winemakers in the Chavanay area, and in the last few years he has succeeded in becoming a must for wine lovers in the Northern Rhône.

Montus - Bouscassé

Château Montus and Château Bouscassé are the two masterpieces of Alain Brumont, the pioneer of Madiran, who was the first, as early as 1980, to detect the value of these fabulous terroirs and to compose, vintage after vintage, what can be done best in this sector, by revealing the quintessence of these very great terroirs. Great wines for ageing, capable of competing without difficulty with the greatest Bordeaux wines...

Olivier Pithon

"Avec d'entrée de jeu 3 étoiles, le domaine Olivier Pithon faisait il y a quelques années une entrée fracassante dans notre guide. Depuis, les vins continuent de nous convaincre d'année en année.

Wolf Paws

Thomas Pico has been climbing the ladder since 2004. Rigorous and passionate, he pampers his vines like few winegrowers in the region, the wines enjoy a purity and energy that is as singular as it is rare, organic farming no doubt being a factor.

Paul and Marie Jacqueson

Pierre and Marie now run the famous Domaine Paul et Marie Jacqueson, which now covers 13 hectares in the Rully and Mercurey appellations. The care of the vines and the highly controlled vinification allow them to produce wines at the top of their appellation, always with a very good restitution of the fruit and at more than reasonable prices...

Paul Janin et Fils

The reference for Moulin-à-Vent...

Paul Pillot

"Chrystelle et Thierry Pillot représentent la quatrième génération de vignerons installés à Chassagne. Ils secondent de belle façon leur père Paul, qui possède un bel éventail de premiers crus où dominent la Romanée, les Grandes Ruchottes, le Clos Saint-Jean, la Grande Montagne, les Champs Gain ou le Cailleret.

Peyre Rose

"S'il fallait donner synonyme à Peyre Rose, ce serait sûrement mille et une nuits tant les finales sont envoûtantes.


"Installé à 300 mètres d'altitude dans un vaste amphithéâtre orienté vers la mer, ce domaine mythique de 60 hectares, avec une certification bio attendue pour le millésime 2019, est aujourd'hui géré avec talent par Éric de Saint-Victor. C'est de cette vue extraordinaire qu'Henri et Catherine de Saint-Victor sont tombés amoureux, il y a près de 30 ans.

Pierre André

An exceptional heritage of old vines!

Pierre Ménard

A very talented winemaker to discover first...

Pierre Vaïsse

One of the greatest winemakers of tomorrow. Installed in Puechabon and inspired by his friends Frédéric Pourtalié and Laurent Vaillé of the Grange des Pères, Pierre Vaisse is already producing wines that are part of the Languedoc elite, wines with a great identity, signed by long maturation that gives them great purity, in a style infused with a very high level.

Pierre-Jean Villa

"Pierre-Jean Villa s'est imposé en quelques années comme l'un des vignerons les plus doués de sa génération, créant son domaine à la force du poignet et surtout de la pioche.

Principiano Ferdinando


Dominique Ay produces on a very beautiful terroir with clay-limestone soils the archetype of a very beautiful Gigondas, full, pulpy, with a tight structure that requires at least 5 to 6 years of cellaring to express itself. Note that this Gigondas Raspail Ay shows a flawless consistency over the vintages, the secret of this success being partly due to the fact that the estate produces only one cuvée, and it is aged in large tuns for at least 24 months. A Gigondas, authentic and racy, unique.

Renardat Fache

A great reference in Cerdon du Bugey.



Les vignes de Luca Roagna se situent à Barbaresco et Barolo (dans les terres, entre Gênes et Turin) sur de magnifiques coteaux. Il a repris le domaine familial à la suite de son père et de son grand-père, faisant ainsi perdurer l’excellence des nectars qui y sont produits.

Roc d'Anglade

Roc de Cambes

François Mitjavile, the "artist-winemaker" as there are very few on the wine planet, owns two jewels: Tertre-Roteboeuf in Saint-Emilion and Roc de Cambes in Côtes de Bourg.

Romain Le Bars

New Year's Eve

The Saint Sylvestre estate, which takes its name from the church in Puéchabon where the first vines were historically planted, is located north of Aniane in the heart of the famous Terrasses du Larzac.

Sébastien David

Sébastien David's vines were mainly planted around 1940, with some plots being much older, planted long before the appellation was classified in 1937.


"Ce domaine artisanal possède de jolies vignes sur Chambolle et Morey vinifiés par Anne Sigaut. Sans s'éloigner d'un style de bourgognes classiques, équilibrés, aptes à bien évoluer dans le temps, elle a su leur communiquer et leur faire exprimer le charme dont sont capables les chambolles réussis.

Simon Maye

Discover the quintessence of the Valais with the best of the famous Swiss wine productions of the late Simon Maye.

Sol Payré

Five generations of winegrowers have succeeded one another at the estate, from Gustave Payré to Jean-Claude and Bertrand Sol. The Domaine is located in Elne, in the heart of the Aspres, in Roussillon, at the foot of the Pyrenees, the natural border with Spain. Reasoned protection, yield control and maturity are our watchwords! The particularity of the Domaine comes from the different terroirs with in the south, in the Aspres (Elne and Passa), about fifty hectares on clay-limestone soils, greedy wines with character and in the north, in the Agly valley (Maury), about ten hectares spread over Schist, Granite and Gneiss, here it's the minerality that speaks, the fineness of the tannins and the complexity of the aromas

Stéphane Tissot

The Domaine André et Mireille Tissot of Bénédicte and Stéphane Tissot was created in 1962 and is located in Montigny-les-Arsures, a small town close to Arbois, the capital of Jura wines. Stéphane Tissot and his wife Bénédicte officially took over the estate in 1990.


The ultimate reference of the Bandol appellation... or one of the most beautiful representations of the famous mourvèdre grape variety.

Tertre Roteboeuf

"François Mitjavile est un propriétaire artiste, une sorte de philosophe de la pensée agricole. Sur son petit vignoble promontoire de 5,68 hectares, il recule à chaque millésime les limites du possible et même de l'imaginable pour cueillir le raisin au sommet absolu de la maturité, cherchant une richesse inouïe de saveur pour ses vins, monuments de sensualité élégante.

Thibaud Boudignon

Thibaud Boudignon is heading straight for the top of the great names in French winegrowing. His passion, his determination and his extreme rigour in all areas of the winegrowing profession have already made him one of the very best in the Loire. His ambition, his know-how and his heritage of massal selection vines (still young) will take him to the top very quickly...

Thibault Liger-Belair

"Devenu une référence incontournable, Thibault Liger-Belair a brillamment repris le domaine familial en 2001. Les vignes sont cultivées en bio et les rendements très maîtrisés.

Toro Albala

The Pedro Ximenez of the Toro Albala Estate are located in Aguilar de la Frontera, 50 km from Cordoba. Antonio Sanchez Romero is the maker of these unique, handcrafted jewels. He is renowned as a great oenologist who has brought Montilla-Moriles wines to light with his unique wine maturation processes. Meditation wines to discover...


Jean-Louis Trapet is now at the top of the great Burgundy estates (3 stars in the Revue du Vin de France's Green Guide). Cultivated biodynamically, his great terroirs of Gevrey deliver wines that are more and more accomplished, precise, elegant and absolutely voluptuous.


"Eloi and Floriane Dürrbach planted the vineyard in 1973, and continue to make Trévallon one of the jewels in the crown of the French wine industry. Located on the northern slopes of the Alpilles, the 17-hectare vineyard, which has been organically farmed since its origin, is predominantly limestone. The Dürrbachs do not claim to be called Baux-de-Provence, as their grape varieties are totally atypical: Cabernet-Sauvignon and Syrah for the reds, Roussanne and Marsanne for the whites, supplemented by a little Chardonnay. The red, which has become mythical, as well as the white, have real potential. The grumblers of local tannin and INAO would do well to take their cue from the perfectly adequate grape varieties of this vibrant and exemplary vin de pays!" Bettane + Desseauve Guide 2018


Jacques Seysses (Domaine Dujac) and Aubert De Villaine (Domaine de la Romanée Conti) joined forces with Michel Macux in 1990 and bought the property. Their know-how is now reflected in this Provence rosé with an exceptional quality-price-pleasure ratio.

Old Telegraph

The Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe, owned by the Brunier family, is one of the most emblematic Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Vincent Paris

Cornas is an appellation that is curiously less recognised than its prestigious neighbours Côte-Rôtie and Hermitage, yet it has nothing to envy them. You only have to go there to discover the striking landscape of the Cornas hillside, with its steep, terraced Syrah vines. It is easy to understand the quality that some estates can achieve here, given the quality of the terroir and the exposure.

Vincent Pinard

Based in Bué, the Pinard family, now led by Clément and Florent but still under the watchful eye of father Vincent, continues its spectacular progress towards excellence, with organic farming and a demanding desire to transcribe each specific terroir as well as possible.

Vouette and Sorbée

Yvon Métras



Domaine Ponsot