Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

La Chèvre Coffret bois vide – Sku: 13963 – 1
Serge Gandy
Coffret bois avec accessoires – Sku: 15747 – 10
Lot sérigraphié Les Passionnés : 2 verres Spiegelau Authentis 02 + 1 tire-bouchon sommelier + 2 stylos bille – Sku: 15583 – 97
Special Price €27.90 Regular Price €29.90
COUP DE COEUR 2 Rouge 1 Blanc – Sku: 13801
€35.10 Regular Price €39.00
COFFRET RHONE 3 Bouteilles – Sku: 13869
COFFRET SUD OUEST 3 Bouteilles – Sku: 13876
Rhum Diplomatico - Coffret Valise Diplomatique – Sku: 14853 – 4
COFFRET LANGUEDOC 3 Bouteilles – Sku: 13870
SAVEURS D'AILLEURS 3 Rouge – Sku: 13808
Rhum Botran Guatemala - n°18 - Etui – Sku: 14729 – 2
COFFRET PROVENCE 3 Bouteilles – Sku: 13860
Rhum - Trinidad et Tobago - Coffret  Angostura 1919 + 2 verres dégustation – Sku: 14743 – 2
WINE GIFT BOX - SPIRITS GIFT BOX - WINE DISCOVERY BOX The Wine Enthusiasts gift box is the ideal gift that will delight all wine lovers, from novices to experts... because the wines chosen come from our favourites and from our extremely rigorous selection with the greatest wine makers. You are therefore sure to please and not to make a mistake, choose high quality at the best price! Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday... make the right choice every time... Find this selection of about twenty wine and discovery gift boxes, as well as spirit boxes, to please your friends, your family... Delivered in 48 hours!

Le vignoble

Alain Gras

"Alain Gras incarne la cinquième génération de cette famille vigneronne de Saint-Aubin. Conseiller de chasse du regretté Bernard Loiseau, il a réussi grâce à la qualité de ses vins à les voir figurer sur les cartes des établissements culinaires les plus réputés.

André and Michel Quénard

Guillaume Quénard is now the leader of the estate. He is beginning to make his mark with more straightforward, fine wines of superb balance.



Martin Bart delivers vintage after vintage of formidable Côtes de Nuits of great classicism, focused on the brilliance of their respective terroir.



Camin Larredya

Jurançon with a dizzying complexity!

Roquefort Castle

Discover the Provencal nuggets of Raymond de Villeneuve. His vineyard is located near Roquefort-la-Bédoule at the foot of the Sainte-Baume Massif, with an organic culture and a real work of the soil (certified Ecocert in 2014). The wines are really captivating and of an excellent level, with digestible whites, chiselled rosés, and reds that are always concentrated, fine and perfumed. A gourmet and profound approach to be praised...

Château du Breuil

Château du Breuil se situe au Pays d'Auge, qui bénéficie d'un climat humide et doux. Les 22 000 pommiers profitent d'un sol crayeux, apportant ainsi des conditions idéales pour produire un superbe Calvados. 

Clos Canarelli

Yves Canarelli never ceases to amaze us and continues to raise the profile of Corsican wines, unquestionably belonging to the elite of Mediterranean winegrowers.

Clos du Jaugueyron

What a pleasure to find Bordeaux in all its splendour, and at a reasonable price!



Ron Diplomatico est le célèbre rhum du Vénézuela qui plait à toutes les papilles. Dégustez Reserva Exclusiva, Seleccion de Familia, Ambassador.

Dominique Auroy

It is on the atoll of Rangiroa in the Tuamotu archipelago, in the heart of the South Pacific, that Dominique Auroy's precious Vin de Tahiti is produced. White and rosé Tahitian wines, with a unique identity, freshness and remarkable aromas reminiscent of the local coral... An ultra original gift!


Discover this exceptional nugget of the Southern Rhône...

François Chidaine

François Chidaine is now one of the greatest winemakers in the Loire region, and by extension in France, recognised by his peers for his talent as a winemaker but also for his mastery of biodynamic principles.

Gérard Boulay

The elite of Sancerre... Intense, mineral, precise, complex...

Jean Masson & Son

Jean-Marie Rimbert

L.A Cetto

L'histoire du domaine est à l'image de ses vins : singuliers. En 1926, Don Angelo Cetto immigrant italien s'installe dans la vallée de Guadalupe en Basse Californie et acquiert trois vignobles : Rancho Grande, Chico et Alfada. Il se consacre avec grand soin à la culture du raisin.

Elise's Terrace

Xavier Braujou a crée le domaine la Terrasse d'Elise en 1998, en se constituant un vignoble d'une dizaine d'hectares sur les grands terroirs d'Aniane. Ses vignes sont plantées en Carignan, Mourvèdre, Syrah et Cinsault.

The Bishop's Tower

"Ici, c'est le royaume de Régine Sumeire, une femme au caractère bien trempé, qui se bat à juste titre pour la reconnaissance des grands rouges de Provence. Avec énergie, elle administre ce domaine très qualitatif de 89 hectares d'un seul tenant, situé sur le terroir de Pierrefeu.

The Slope

Marcel Richaud

Marcel Richaud is one of those exceptional winemakers who seek quality without compromise. He defines his way of creating his organic wines as follows: a natural approach to winemaking, questioning the use of products or techniques that erase the identity of the vintage or contribute to the production of standard wines. The organic bottles produced at Cairanne by the Marcel Richaud estate are without equal.

Mas Cal Demoura

"Vincent Goumard, venu du conseil financier, a repris avec son épouse Isabelle cette propriété de Jonquières, en Terrasses du Larzac, qui appartenait au père d'Olivier Jullien.

Mas de la Séranne

Mas de la Seranne - Aniane from Altaïr-Prod on Vimeo .

Mas des Bressades

Costières de Nîmes with an amazing quality/price/pleasure ratio...

Monteillet - Montez

Stéphane Montez is one of the most dynamic winemakers in the Chavanay area, and in the last few years he has succeeded in becoming a must for wine lovers in the Northern Rhône.

Montus - Bouscassé

Château Montus and Château Bouscassé are the two masterpieces of Alain Brumont, the pioneer of Madiran, who was the first, as early as 1980, to detect the value of these fabulous terroirs and to compose, vintage after vintage, what can be done best in this sector, by revealing the quintessence of these very great terroirs. Great wines for ageing, capable of competing without difficulty with the greatest Bordeaux wines...

Principiano Ferdinando

Sébastien David

Sébastien David's vines were mainly planted around 1940, with some plots being much older, planted long before the appellation was classified in 1937.

Serge Gandy


The famous German glassware is considered by a large number of glass lovers as the most qualitative glassware at very competitive prices... Top of the range glasses and decanters for tastings at the highest level!

Stéphane Ogier

Stéphane Ogier represents the 7th generation of the family established in Ampuis, the cradle of the Côte-Rôtie.


Tire Pé

In the southern part of the Langonnais, Hélène and David Barrault are bringing this terroir back to life on plots of old vines, cultivated organically since 2008, mainly Cabernet Franc but also Malbec, which can be the subject of a cuvée depending on the vintage.

U Stiliccionu

"After making wine in Cahors, New Zealand and Tokaj, Sébastien Poly took over this small family estate in 2006. He benefits from a heritage of old vines planted in the 1960s in the granite and clay valley of Taravo, not far from the Comte Abbatucci and Vaccelli estates. He vinifies without yeast, with very little or no sulphite. His wines retain a great aromatic frankness. Certified organic since 2009, he is currently converting to biodynamics, and offers wines of a greediness and digestibility rare in Corsica. Not to be missed." RVF Guide 2018