Wooden crates & cardboard boxes

Wooden crates & cardboard boxes

Etui Sérigraphié 1 bouteille – Sku: 15822 – 66
Etui Sérigraphié 2 bouteilles – Sku: 15816 – 6
Etui Sérigraphié 3 bouteilles – Sku: 15821 – 42
Coffret kraft sérigraphié 6 bouteilles – Sku: 15741 – 308
Caisse bois sérigraphiée 2 bouteilles Antiques – Sku: 15701 – 32
Caisse bois 6 bouteilles Antiques (2x3) – Sku: 15720 – 2
Caisse bois Sérigraphiée 3 bouteilles Antiques – Sku: 15820 – 59
Sérigraphiée pour 1 Jéroboam – Sku: 15740 – 1
Coffret bois avec accessoires – Sku: 15747 – 10
Sérigraphiée de 2 Magnums – Sku: 15827 – 3
Sérigraphiée à plat 6 bouteilles classiques – Sku: 15826 – 4
Sérigraphiée à plat 6 bouteilles longues – Sku: 15829 – 6

For all wine lovers, a good bottle of wine is a gift that will always please. In order to allow you to make gifts of which you will be assured of the quality, while taking care of the presentation, only one address: www.lespassionnesduvin.com. Our site offers many references of wines and spirits to meet your choice of grape varieties and your budget. You will be able to choose, as a gift, a wine box.

On our site, you will find several discovery wine boxes, at a price that suits you, whether you choose a selection of French wines from several regions, or to combine rosé with red and white. In a prestige box, you can also choose a champagne wine box. Whatever your choice, you will be guaranteed to please on all occasions, whether it is for a friend or a family member.

You can also choose to compose your own wine box by ordering your bottles and the appropriate wooden box, whether for a magnum, for one bottle or for three to six bottles. Whatever your choice, you will be assured of the quality of each vintage for unique tasting moments.

Visit our website to place an order or contact us for any special request!

Le vignoble


Eric Bordelet

Eric Bordelet is the reference when you want to taste an exceptional cider or perry.

Principiano Ferdinando

Stéphane Ogier

Stéphane Ogier represents the 7th generation of the family established in Ampuis, the cradle of the Côte-Rôtie.

U Stiliccionu

"After making wine in Cahors, New Zealand and Tokaj, Sébastien Poly took over this small family estate in 2006. He benefits from a heritage of old vines planted in the 1960s in the granite and clay valley of Taravo, not far from the Comte Abbatucci and Vaccelli estates. He vinifies without yeast, with very little or no sulphite. His wines retain a great aromatic frankness. Certified organic since 2009, he is currently converting to biodynamics, and offers wines of a greediness and digestibility rare in Corsica. Not to be missed." RVF Guide 2018