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The vineyards of Roussillon: red wines and natural sweet wines of exception

This is a vineyard in "Amphitheater" in which plays a most exciting wine show. The vineyards of Roussillon unfolds between Mediterranean Sea and different massifs: Canigou to the West, the Corbières to the North and the Albères to the South, on the border with the Spain. In this setting of rugged coves, mountainous foothills and sunny Plains, winemakers are the actors of a whole new Act where the wines, rich and authentic, are now in full light. The reputation of the vineyards of Roussillon is its red wines and, to a greater extent, its exceptional natural sweet wines. Witness the Banyuls, Maury and other Rivesaltes, always more made of lovers. All according to a value of the most seductive.

General presentation of the vineyards of Roussillon

The vineyards of Roussillon occupies a large part of the Department of Pyrénées-Orientales. It extends in the extension of the vineyards of the Languedoc. Its 20 600 hectares of vineyards are spread over the Mediterranean, between pond Leucate and Spanish border coast, as well as on the plain of Roussillon, the North of the TFW and Perpignan Agly Valley, the Aspres, the Corbières of Roussillon to the West and the foothills of the Albères in the South.

In this region among the hottest of France, between sea and mountains, the vineyards have a soil and a climate conducive to the terroirs of exception. Grapes are many to be cultivated across the Pyrénées-Orientales. On the side of the reds, black grenache regularly alongside the carignan, lladoner pelut, mourvedre, and syrah. On the side of whites, are the white grenache and grenache grey which are used in the same way as the macabeu, malvoisie of Roussillon, the marsanne and the roussanne, vermentino and muscats to small grains and Alexandria.

The names of the Roussillon

The Roussillon vineyard is many AOC, as well as the IGP, a label which replaces former country wines. Several natural sweet wines are also typical of the region and deserve to be known.


The wines from the Roussillon count 5 AOC:

  • AOC Collioure: the famous painters of the movement 'Fauvist' expensive port gives its name to this name. Grenache, Mourvèdre and syrah side red wines and white and grey Grenache, macabeu, Languedoc and vermentino white wines, to name a few, are grown on steep terraces which dominate the Mediterranean around the communes of Collioure, Banyuls,. Gatekeepers and Port-Vendres. The AOC has mostly red wines and rosés; some whites, often ignored, wines are also concerned.
  • AOC Maury Sec: located Northwest of Perpignan, this appellation is fairly recent since it has 20. Here is the black grenache that dominates. On this same area are produced of natural sweet wines.
  • Sides-du-Roussillon AOC: This AOC wines are produced around Perpignan and in the plain of Roussillon. It is mostly red wines, which are the result of assembling at least three varietals including syrah, Mourvèdre, the cinsault, black grenache and carignan.
  • AOC sides-du-Roussillon Les Aspres: are produced only red wines, which require at least months of breeding.
  • AOC sides-du-Roussillon villages: between the massif of the Corbières and the Tet, in the Agly Valley, this appellation concerns only the red wines of Assembly base of syrah, Mourvèdre, carignan, grenache, cinsault, lledonner pelut, and small proportion, macabeu.

The AOC sides-du-Roussillon villages is enriched with 4 geographical names, all concentrated in the North of the TFW:

  • Sides-du-Roussillon villages Caramany
  • Sides-du-Roussillon villages Lesquerde
  • Sides-du-Roussillon villages Tautavel
  • Sides-du-Roussillon villages Latour de France

The IGP (Geographical Indication protected)

In 2009, country wines have become the IPGS. Roussillon currently has three:

  • IGP sides-Catalan: it extends the Barcarès North of the coast of Roussillon, to Cerberus in the South to the Spanish border.
  • IGP side-Vermeille: it concerns four towns in the Vermeille coast, South of Argelès to Cerbère, Collioure and Port-Vendres, Banyuls-sur-Mer. The King grape is grenache.
  • IGP Pyrénées-Orientales: it is produced throughout the Department.

Natural sweet wines (VDN)

The vineyards of Roussillon is distinguished from Languedoc essentially by its significant production of natural sweet wines. Pyrénées-Orientales are also the source of 80%of French production. These wines are the fruit of a process of fortification developed at e century. They come from methods of traditional winemaking grapes rich in sugar. During the fermentation, neutral alcohol is added to ensure that the process is stopped.

Natural sweet wines from the Roussillon are 5 designations:

  • Banyuls AOC
  • Raw big Banyuls AOC
  • AOC Maury
  • AOC Muscat Rivesaltes
  • AOC Rivesaltes