Ethylotest à usage unique – Sku: 15626 – 18
Bouchon Vinolok – Sku: 15624 – 12
1 Drop Stop – Sku: 15615 – 14
Drop Stop
Bouchon champagne à clipser – Sku: 15633 – 4
1 Chaussette de dégustation à l'aveugle / Blind Tasting Sleeve ® – Sku: 15648 – 40
Vacuvin - Lot de 2 Bouchons – Sku: 15670 – 30
Lot de 2 becs verseurs anti-gouttes cristal de VACUVIN (Wine Server) – Sku: 15673 – 2
Tire bouchon Pulltap's Slider - Personnalisé - Les Passionnés du Vin – Sku: 15639 – 227
Special Price €7.90 Regular Price €8.90
Billes nettoyantes pour carafe – Sku: 15629 – 8
Tire bouchon Sommelier à double point d'appui Coutale – Sku: 15645 – 36
Tire bouchon Pulltap's Slider – Sku: 15625 – 1
Goupillon à carafe – Sku: 15630 – 1

There are many wine-related accessories, providing many gift ideas that will always be appreciated. Find each of them directly on our website and order them in just a few clicks. So, among the trendy accessories, choose the tasting sock to make your friends discover the treasures of your cellar in a playful way, the vacuum pump or the pouring spout, easy to position on the neck of the bottle.

For champagne bottles, you can choose a suitable and perfectly sealed pouring stopper as a wine accessory for a longer preservation of your opened bottle. Select also your champagne bucket to keep it perfectly cool.

So, you will find on our site dozens of objects related to the world of wine in order to accompany your tasting pleasure. Some wine accessories also play the card of originality. This is the case with the thermometer in the shape of a watch, or the wine aerator with its unique shape to be placed directly on the neck of the bottle. You will easily find the ideal product, within your budget range, while being sure to please, on all occasions.

Visit our website now to place your order. It will also be the occasion to accompany your purchase with one of your favourite vintages to complete your cellar.