Blanc Mana'o Tahiti

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The creation of Tahiti's first agricultural rum required several years of research.

No high quality pure cane juice rum was produced in French Polynesia. From this absence was born the project to re-launch a production of sugar cane and a very high quality rum. It took nearly six years to research and inventory different ancestral varieties of sugar cane and to re-launch their cultivation on virgin land.
At the same time, the company Avatea, based in the commune of Paea in Tahiti, offered the essential tool for this project, a discontinuous still and invaluable know-how, twenty years of experience in the distillation of spirits.
Mana'o Tahiti is the fruit of these years of work. This name means "to think", "to remember" in Reo Tahiti and it sounds like a tribute to this exceptional sugar cane.

Made from O Tahiti sugar cane, an ancestral variety of French Polynesia, Mana'o rum is the result of a craft that combines respect for tradition and modernity.

Mana'o is a pure cane first press rum, i.e. it is obtained by grinding the sugar cane in a single pass. The juice is fermented on site before being distilled in Tahiti. Today, only a white rum at 50°c is offered, but part of the production is already being aged in French oak barrels to produce amber and old rums in the years to come.

The harvest

The Mana'o Tahiti canes are cut by hand in the morning to take advantage of the milder temperatures and immediately transported to the crusher.


The canes are first selected and cut before being crushed in a single pass without the addition of water. The cane juice is then filtered and stored in a fermentation tank.


One of the important steps is to mix an organic yeast with the cane juice to start the process of transforming the sugars into alcohols. After 48 hours, a 5% cane wine is obtained.


The cane wine is then sent by schooner to Paea to be distilled in a batch still. From this distillation, only the "cœurs de chauffe" are kept. The rum is then over 89° and is slowly reduced to guarantee the greatest respect for the aromas.


Crystal clear colour.

The nose is quite warm, dominated by aromas of fresh cane, white flowers and white fruit (pear, lychee, etc.).

In the mouth, the attack is supple and slightly fatty, the cane is very present, the flavours of white fruit and citrus zest are also expressed on a background reminiscent of fruit brandies or certain Korean sakes.

Very nice finish marked by a great aromatic persistence.

And to finish More Information

SKU 14766
Name of wine Blanc Mana'o Tahiti
A venir No
Limited production No
Complément titre Bio Pur Jus de Canne
Alcohol degree 50
Capacity 70 cl
Original packaging 3
Type of packaging Cardboard
Certified Viticulture Organic
Type of product Spirits
Country French Polynesia
Region French Islands
Appellation Rum
Domain Mana'o

The Domain Mana'o

Rhum Blanc Mana'o Tahiti
Rhum Paille Bio Mana'o - Tahiti
Mana'o - Rhum Blanc Rangiroa - Tahiti

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