Maury Fagayra Blanc

Grape variety
Grenache gris et maccabeu
Bottle 75 cl
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Its colour is pale with golden reflections. On the nose, it is an explosion of aromas with notes of garrigue, small candied white fruits, exotic fruits and white flesh fruits

Its low residual sugar content for a Maury gives it a very interesting sugar/alcohol balance, where the finesse of the elements is noticed with great precision and where the mineral notes of the terroir are brought out.

This white Maury is vinified by hand, in boxes, with destemming, direct pressing and the use of indigenous yeasts for a temperature-controlled fermentation up to the point of mutage.

Consumption: Foie gras in terrines, cheeses (ewe's tomes, goat's cheeses, pressed cheeses), raw tuna (tartar or carpaccio), desserts based on white or yellow-fleshed fruits.

More information: Marjorie Gallet is a brilliant winemaker who, in just a few vintages, and with the help of her husband Stéphane, has been able to impose a personal tone on a production made up of a majority of old Grenache and Carignan grapes. The wines have rapidly progressed in finesse, while remaining very Catalan in expression and the cultivation of the vines is naturally taking an organic direction. If the 1903 vintage (100% carignan) has greatly contributed to the reputation of the estate, Iglesia Vella and Oca in white, are already at the same level. The range is constantly expanding with new stunning wines, and the rise in power here is phenomenal.

Our recommendations When and how to serve it?

What a dish with the Maury Fagayra Blanc?

No pairing recommended for meats
No pairing recommended for fish
No pairing recommended for vegetables
Bleu d'Auvergne, Bleu de Bresse
Peach and Pear in syrup, Exotic Fruit Salad, Crème caramel, crème brûlée, Chocolate Eclairs, Chocolate cake, profiterole, Mocha, Mirabelle plum tart, Tiramisu, Chocolate fondant with poached mirabelles in Sauternes (Ilaria's recipe*), Baked figs with balsamic and sweet spice sauce (Ilaria's recipe*), Pears with hazelnut crumble and vanilla ice cream (Ilaria's recipe*)

Practical information

Apogee: 2022 - 2041

And to finish More Information

SKU 758721
Name of wine Maury Fagayra Blanc
Vintage 2021
Limited production No
Consumption recommendation 2022 - 2041
Alcohol degree 15.5
Capacity Bottle 75 cl
Original packaging 6
Type of packaging Cardboard
Certified Viticulture Organic and Biodynamic
Colour White
Type of product Natural sweet wine
Country France
Region Roussillon
Appellation Maury PDO
Domain The Fagayra Lands
Dominant style Fruity - Floral
Grape varieties Grenache gris et maccabeu
Dominant grape variety White Grenache
Grape variety Macabeu

The Domain The Fagayra Lands

"Stéphane et Marjorie Gallet, les propriétaires surdoués du Roc des Anges, explorent ici avec passion le monde des vins doux naturels. Le résultat est plus convaincant et compte parmi les plus belles expressions du terroir de Maury." 3*/5 Bettane+Desseauve 2022

The Domain The Fagayra Lands

Terres de Fagayra - Maury Tuilé 1996
The Fagayra Lands
Maury PDO
Terres de Fagayra - Rivesaltes 1960
The Fagayra Lands
Rivesaltes PDO
Les Terres de Fagayra - Maury Blanc 2021
The Fagayra Lands
Maury PDO
Les Terres de Fagayra - Rivesaltes 1986
The Fagayra Lands
Rivesaltes PDO
Terres de Fagayra - Maury Op. Nord 2019
The Fagayra Lands
Maury PDO
Terres de Fagayra - Maury Rouge 2019
The Fagayra Lands
Maury PDO

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Domaine Les Terres de Fagayra Maury Fagayra Blanc

Maury Fagayra Blanc - The Fagayra Lands

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