94/100 RVF

Excelsior - Goulaine (étiquette légèrement abîmée)

Grape variety
100% Melon de Bourgogne
Bottle 75 cl
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"Dans des tonalités plus solaires, deux 2020 sont à découvrir : Gula-Ana, d’une belle carrure, aux amers stimulants et aux notes de fruits blancs mûrs; et Excelsior, d’une profondeur vivifiante encore plus importante qui lui promet un avenir serein de plus de quinze ans." RVF Guide

L'Excelsior dompte à merveille l'expression solaire du millésime en évoluant avec une vinosité fraîche.

Terroir : parcelle de vignes du village de La Chapelle-Heulin. Vignes plantées en 1936. Sélection massale(pas de clones). Roche mère de schistes et Micaschistes, Lieu-dit « la Plécisière », parcelle les Noëlles.

Vinification et élevage : pressurage des raisins entiers en pressoir pneumatique dont la durée et l’intensité varieselon le millésime. Fermentation alcoolique spontanée à partir des levures indigènes. Élevage en cuve béton + carreaux de verre durant 20 mois sans soutirageavant la mise en bouteille.

Accords mets/vin : araignée de mer, émulsioncrémeuse liée au corail. Homard bleu fumé, émulsion de beurre blanc.

Our recommendations When and how to serve it?

What a dish with the Excelsior - Goulaine (étiquette légèrement abîmée)?

Seafood platter, Crab, Gambas, Cooked Oysters, Oysters, Langoustines, Sardine, Sole, Cake, Lake Fera, Organic salmon and Tahin sauce with green herb juice, organic mashed potatoes (Ilaria's recipe*)

Practical information

Apogee: 2022 - 2035

And to finish More Information

SKU 1018999
Name of wine Excelsior - Goulaine (étiquette légèrement abîmée)
Vintage 2020
A venir No
Limited production No
Note RVF 94/100
Consumption recommendation 2022 - 2035
Alcohol degree 12
Capacity Bottle 75 cl
Original packaging 6
Type of packaging Cardboard
Certified Viticulture Organic and Biodynamic
Colour White
Contient des sulfites Yes
Type of product Wine
Country France
Region Loire Valley
Appellation Muscadet-Sèvre-et-Maine PDO
Domain Pierre Luneau-Papin
Dominant style Complete - Harmonious
Grape varieties 100% Melon de Bourgogne
Dominant grape variety Burgundy melon
Grape variety Melon De Bourgogne

The Estate Pierre Luneau-Papin

Pierre-Marie and Marie represent the 9th generation of the Domaine and continue the dazzling adventure of the Domaine Luneau-Papin on the forty hectares of vineyards located in the communes of Le Landreau, La Chapelle-Heulin and Vallet. The stars of the appellation are now working hard to make their great Muscadet wines shine, vintage after vintage, and through their success, the entire appellation. Wine lovers have now (finally) understood that the Melon de Bourgogne, associated with its great terroirs with great whites for ageing and the know-how of the best winegrowers, can only result in great wines worthy of the best whites in France.. The range of Domaine Luneau-Papin is rich, because the objective remains to reveal each parcel and its terroir, always thanks to this famous neutral grape variety, the blotter of the terroir... The soils are very varied and complex, sometimes dominated by gneiss, granite, schist, peridotite or even serpentinite. Each cuvée has its own personality thanks to the terroir from which it comes, but there is a common denominator to all of these great parcel-based Muscadets; perfectly balanced wines with very intense, fat and very mineral noses. These are wines that can be kept for a long time, just like their Burgundian cousins from Chablis..

The Estate Sottimano

Rino Sottimano took over the estate in 1975. His son Andrea joined him in 1994 along with Elena and Claudia. The vineyard is located in the heart of the superb Barbaresco terroirs and the Cotta, Currà, Fausoni, Pajorè and Basarin crus and now covers 18 hectares. The vines are cultivated organically with the utmost respect for the terroir. The wines are aged in barrels according to Burgundy principles (not in tuns). The wines are neither filtered nor fined. The production of the estate is gradually joining the best references of the region with prices still very reasonable considering the growing reputation of the estate. Quote from Rino Sottimano: "I always believe that every great wine is the result of serious, conscientious and passionate work in the vineyards. This is why, from day one, I have always tried to avoid all chemical products and herbicides, to preserve the natural balance of our soils."

The Estate Sottimano

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