Trousseau Les Bérangères

Grape variety
100% Trousseau
Bottle 75 cl
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A masterpiece by Jacques Puffeney! Jacques Puffeney's Trousseau Les Bérangères 2015 is a pure marvel of great singularity. A wine that will become very sought after as Jacques has decided to retire...

Jacques Puffeney also makes red wines. Here the Cuvée Bérangères is made from a single grape variety, Trousseau

Aged for 18 months in large tuns, the Trousseau has very little colour intensity but wonderful, heady aromas: Mara des bois strawberry, Burlat cherry and blackcurrant are just a few examples.

In the mouth, the texture permeates the palate with great finesse and elegance of touch. This is an infinitely delicate Trousseau, resting on beautiful, long and juicy tannins.

Trousseau is a particularly attractive red Jura grape variety that will satisfy palates that are keen to discover new things.


Our recommendations When and how to serve it?

What a dish with the Trousseau Les Bérangères?

Boudin (hot)
No pairing recommended for fish
No pairing recommended for vegetables
Cold golden mountain, Pont l'évêque
No pairing recommended for desserts

Practical information

Apogee: 2018 à 2040

And to finish More Information

SKU 3483
Name of wine Trousseau Les Bérangères
Vintage 2015
Limited production Yes
Consumption recommendation 2018 à 2040
Capacity Bottle 75 cl
Original packaging 6
Type of packaging Cardboard
Colour Red
Type of product Wine
Country France
Region Jura
Appellation Arbois PDO
Domain Jacques Puffeney
Dominant style Authentic - Terroir
Grape varieties 100% Trousseau
Dominant grape variety Keychain
Grape variety Trousseau

The Domain Jacques Puffeney

Jacques Puffeney, an emblematic figure of the yellow wines of Arbois, vinified his first vintage in 1962, at Montigny les Arsures, only 12 hectolitres were produced at that time. Poulsard, pinot noir, trousseau, chardonnay and savagnin make up the grape varieties of the 5 hectares of the estate today. Passion and rigour in his work have always accompanied this talented winemaker, who is able to magnify the Jura grape varieties and reveal his terroirs as few can. His dazzling yellow wine is one of the most sought-after by Savagnin lovers

The work carried out in the vineyard and in the cellar is very traditional and as natural as possible. In combination with the magnificent marl soils of Arbois and Montigny, Jacques Puffeney has been producing for about fifty years wines that are recognised by all Jura wine lovers, typical of the Jura grape varieties, precise, with a depth combined with a rare finesse, whether with his famous Trousseau or his magical whites. The Savagnins are notably aged in old tuns, for as long as it takes to meet the requirements of the master of yellow. The sailing wines here are exceptionally complex. The "touch" of the greats... Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and the artist will soon have to bow out, the 2014 vintage being the last he has announced.

So enjoy these famous nectars of Jacques Puffeney which will perfectly accompany a poularde with morels for the famous yellow wine, an old comté magnifying the oxidative character of the savagnin and its typical aromas of walnut... These are some of the best food-wine combinations that exist. Know how to appreciate them and consume them, as they should be, in moderation.

The Domain Jacques Puffeney

96/100 RVF
Jacques Puffeney - Vin Jaune 2007
Jacques Puffeney
Arbois PDO
Jacques Puffeney - Chardonnay Les Bérangers 2015
Jacques Puffeney
Arbois PDO
Jacques Puffeney - Trousseau Les Bérangères 2015
Jacques Puffeney
Arbois PDO
Jacques Puffeney - Vin Jaune 2011
Jacques Puffeney
Arbois PDO
Jacques Puffeney - Vin Jaune 2003
Jacques Puffeney
Arbois PDO
Jacques Puffeney - Savagnin 2014
Jacques Puffeney
Arbois PDO
Jacques Puffeney - Vin Jaune 2012
Jacques Puffeney
Arbois PDO
Jacques Puffeney - Cuvée Sacha 2014/2017
Jacques Puffeney
Arbois PDO

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