Magnum Karasi

Grape variety
100% Areni Noir
Magnum 1.5 L
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Full of energy, bright and straightforward with subtle spice. Red fruits are intertwined with herbal aromas.herbaceous aromas. Vibrant chalky tannins, a touch of graphite and a long, evolved mineral finish.


Perhaps one of the oldest grape varieties in the world, Areni has been present in Armenia for thousands of years. Never grafted, under massal selection, it is 100% indigenous and has a unique DNA profile that matches no other. Extremely disease resistant and thick-skinned, the Black Areni has developed the unique ability to adapt perfectly to the extreme climate of Vayotz Dzor, its natural habitat.


The peak of the ZORAH vineyards (high altitude viticulture) is at 1,400 metres. It is a phylloxera-free, sub-alkaline, sandy, limestone-rich soil with large stones.


Fermentation takes place in rough concrete vats, at controlled temperatures, using only indigenous yeasts. Ageing takes place in traditional Armenian amphorae of various sizes (some buried in the ground and others on the surface) for about 12 months. To this is added a further 6

months of aging in bottles.

More about areni and Zorah...

This is perhaps one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. Areni has been present in Armenia for thousands of years. Never grafted, it is 100% indigenous, with a unique DNA profile that matches no other grape variety. Extremely disease resistant, it has the particularity of adapting perfectly to continental climates. Its thick skin, while helping to keep the grapes fresh, protects them from extreme temperature variations (40° C during the day/20°C at night).C during the day/20°C at night) found at an altitude of 1,375 m during the summer months in the high altitudes of Vayotz Dzor.

This grape variety is also the result of meticulous selection by the Zorah estate, from old abandoned vines of a 13th century monastic complex.

The unique geographical and climatic forces have allowed the Yeghegnadzor highlands to remain one of the few grape growing regions in the world where original rootstocks have survived for centuries, unaffected by phylloxera.

Thus, Zorah's genuine varietal purity from root to wine, combined with high plant density per hectare and low yields, give the wines pure, rich flavours of exceptional quality.

- A 40 hectare vineyard with an atypical microclimate to produce beautifully healthy fruit

- Long, dry summers

- High daytime temperatures contrasted with cool nights

- Grapes picked at perfect maturity towards the end of October

- Rocky, limestone-rich soils help keep the vines moist during the summer heat wave

- Slow ripening ensures the development of natural sugars and acidity

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SKU 11223
Name of wine Magnum Karasi
Vintage 2018
A venir No
Limited production No
Consumption recommendation 2020 - 2030
Alcohol degree 13,5
Capacity Magnum 1.5 L
Original packaging 3
Type of packaging Cardboard
Colour Red
Type of product Wine
Country Armenia
Region Foreign
Appellation - ARMENIA -
Domain Zorah
Dominant style Fruity - Floral
Grape varieties 100% Areni Noir
Dominant grape variety Areni black
Grape variety Areni Noir

The Domain Zorah

Zorah - Arménie - Karasi 2020
Zorah - Arménie - Magnum Karasi 2018

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