Carole Bouquet

Carole Bouquet - Italie - Passito di Pantelleria Sangue d'Oro 2021 – Sku: 1138221 – 36
Carole Bouquet
Pantelleria, a small Italian island between Sicily and Tunisia, with its dark, steep, wind-whipped slopes, is where Carole Bouquet has taken up the challenge of resurrecting an anthological wine, Passito. It took her years to buy up the abandoned plots of land from more than 70 farmers in order to create her own estate and then build her own winery. This wine is produced in the pure tradition of Mediterranean passerillas. The Muscat of Alexandria "Zibbido" grapes are hand-picked, dried naturally on the ground for several weeks, and then joined to a grape mill to begin fermentation. Passito is incredibly fresh and balanced, despite its high sugar content. It is therefore very easy to digest and can be drunk as a dessert wine or on its own as an aperitif