Blossoming Auld Sherried

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Paradigm of Michel Couvreur Whiskies. A replica of the great malts of the Victorian era. Unforgettable roundness and power, a freshness that only barley holds the secret. The style of a Grand Bas Armagnac. Reduced to 45% alcohol with Scottish water.

BLOSSOMING AULD SHERRIED SINGLE MALT WHISKY is a single malt whisky. Single cask, the bottling comes only from a barrel without blending. Originally, the spirit is rich and smooth but marked by a balanced and fine character. When mature, its natural alcohol content is 51% alc./vol. and is reduced very slightly to 45% when bottled with Scottish water. Dark amber colour with purple highlights. Floral, vanilla and stewed fruit aromas of Jerez wine. Full-bodied, silky, very smooth, powerful and long on the palate. A wonderful example of a whisky matured only in fresh Pedro Ximenez wine casks: it represents the balance between the sweetness and the herbaceous freshness that only barley can give: it can be drunk as a digestive, chilled, on its own, as a warm companion for a winter evening. Age is not required as it is secondary (numerical) to the quality. Blossoming, derived from Blossom, means flourishing. Auld is the old spelling of 'old'. Surprising because beyond all the "whisky" characteristics, the maturation in casks, saturated with wine, brings the complexity and richness of the great spirits which evolve during tasting in glass: its relative youth marked by its vivacity and its nervousness tempers its roundness

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SKU 14660
Name of wine Blossoming Auld Sherried
A venir No
Limited production No
Alcohol degree 45
Capacity 70 cl
Original packaging 1
Type of packaging Wooden case
Colour Amber
Contient des sulfites Yes
Type of product Spirits
Country France
Region Burgundy
Appellation Whisky
Domain Michel Couvreur

The Estate Michel Couvreur

After a brilliant career as a wine merchant, Michel Couvreur, who sadly passed away in August 2013, had a deep desire to create his own masterpiece. This Flemish-born man discovered whisky thanks to a senior member of the Navy who passed on his passion. A true enthusiast by nature and in perpetual quest for excellence and perfection, he began in the 1970s to dig his own cellars in Bouze-Les-Beaune in Burgundy, where he would age his precious nectars.

Michel Couvreur 's whisky was born from a personal philosophy.

According to him, "90% of the quality of a whisky comes from the cask used" while at the same time, the fashion, at the time, pushes certain brands of whisky in search of volume to use American woods not always of the noblest origin...

He therefore tried to push the quality approach by selecting traditional Andalusian Pedro Ximenez or Oloroso casks (notably from the famous Jerez producer Emilio Lustau) which blend in wonderfully with the taste of the barley and where the Clearach and New Spirit would wait a long time to give birth to the famous Michel Couvreur whisky. Demanding by nature, he does not neglect the rest, importing his water from Loch Katrine in Scotland to Burgundy. He has even grown a variety of barley in the Orkney Islands in Scotland called Bere Barley, the oldest of the Scottish varieties and recognised for its great aromatic qualities for malt production, especially when distilled with the talent of a master...

Considered by whisky lovers as one of the best single malt whisky, Michel Couvreur's whisky is endowed with a rare complexity, a length and an impressive voluptuousness. Several vintages, each with its own personality, are to be discovered for those who do not know them yet, for an exceptional tasting. Please appreciate and taste these wines in moderation.

The Estate Montcalmès

Frédéric Pourtalié has become a Languedoc icon. The Montcalmès vineyard covers an area of 23 hectares today; Syrah and Grenache on a limestone plateau and Mourvèdre on rolled pebbles. A blend has been produced since 1999, the one that made the reputation of the Domaine. It is aged for twenty-four months in barrels, in the purest tradition without fining or filtration, a cuvée of unfailing regularity. Other cuvées made in Montcalmès have since been added to the range, starting with the rare white Marsanne and Roussane as well as Le Geai and a 100% Grenache cuvée. A domain to be drunk with your eyes closed...

The Estate Montcalmès

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Blossoming Auld Sherried - Michel Couvreur

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