Beluga Gold Line - En coffret

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The most prestigious vodka in the world! Perfectly clear and colourless. It has a nose that is years old, with a medicinal and delicate character. Smooth in the mouth, a full-bodied vodka whose fullness does not waver, even when served chilled. The fatness gradually reveals herbaceous flavours that remain discreet. The finish is elegantly marked by spices (white pepper).


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The perfect match Beluga Gold Line is offered in numbered bottles and is available in limited distribution. This perfectly harmonious and masterfully noble vodka is the culmination of a relentless artistic process by our technologists, tasters and master blenders. All the ingredients of Beluga Gold Line - mostly water from the purest Siberian artesian springs combined with Beluga's famous malt spirit - are filtered five times. Maturation: 90 days. The taste is softened by the addition of lactose, rice essence and Rhodiola rosea extract, so that the consumer can experience the product in its most difficult to perceive, fine and unfathomable taste nuances. An exceptional stopper made of ecological materials and sealed with wax. Each bottle comes with an elegant hammer to remove the wax from the cork.

The Beluga Gold Line is the epitome of luxury and sumptuousness. The Beluga Gold Line has a great deal of authority in the world of high gastronomy. For example, the legendary Russian chef Anatoly Komm - the only Russian chef to feature in the prestigious San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants - has specially composed a gourmet menu that harmoniously accompanies the full-bodied taste of the Beluga Gold Line.

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The brandy is distilled from barley and wheat malts from areas of West Siberia that are completely free of chemical and industrial pollution. The second important point is the water, which is naturally and totally pure because it comes from an artesian well at the foot of the Altai Mountains. It is added to the brandy, and the result is double-filtered, on charcoal and on sand, in order to eliminate any trace of biological or mechanical impurities in the vodka.

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SKU 15270
Name of wine Beluga Gold Line - En coffret
A venir No
Limited production No
Alcohol degree 40
Capacity 70 cl
Original packaging 6
Type of packaging Case
Colour Other
Contient des sulfites Yes
Type of product Spirits
Country Russia
Region Foreign
Appellation Vodka
Domain Beluga

The Estate Hors Champ

Cyril Fahl, largement reconnu comme l'un des viticulteurs français les plus talentueux de sa génération, est célèbre pour ses vins d'une finesse exceptionnelle. Basé à Latour-de-France dans le Roussillon, il excelle dans l'art de maîtriser des cépages tels que le carignan, le grenache et le macabeu, créant ainsi des vins d'une grande élégance et d'une belle complexité.

En 2016, confronté à une pénurie de raisins due aux sécheresses dévastatrices de la région, Cyril Fahl s'associe à Alice Gendron, son bras droit au Clos Rouge Gorge. Ensemble, ils cherchent à s'approvisionner en raisins auprès de producteurs partageant leurs valeurs biologiques, respectant pleinement le terroir et l'écosystème de leurs vignobles. L'objectif est de produire des vins de négoce avec la même rigueur que leurs cuvées habituelles.

En 2018, Fahl et Gendron dévoilent leurs premières bouteilles du millésime 2017. Les blancs, issus du macabeu cultivé dans un sol de schiste, sont élevés en partie en cuves et en barriques. Le rouge, élaboré à partir de syrah ayant mûri en haute altitude, bénéficie d'une extraction douce pour maximiser sa buvabilité et son plaisir. Actuellement, le duo produit également un rosé en pressurage direct, élaboré à partir de muscat à petits grains et de grenache noir.

The Estate Hors Champ

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Beluga Gold Line - En coffret - Beluga

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