93/100 RVF

Rancio sec - Macabeu

Grape variety
100% Macabeu
50 cl
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An exceptional wine! A golden colour with mahogany tones. Intense nose of rancio, curry and dried fruits, as well as peat and grilled almonds. Powerful, bewitching palate, supported by a remarkable aromatic freshness. The finish is endless, with notes of candied orange peel, apricot and green almond.

A dry 2008 macabeu rancio with a century-old base. The so-called solera system of keeping a perpetual barrel is practiced on this vintage. It is topped up with new wine when some of its contents are removed for bottling

Aged for about 10 years in 100 year old oak barrels before bottling. Aficionados of Jaune du Jura and Jerez will appreciate this exceptional rancio!

This 100% Maccabeu benefits from very low yields (20 hl/ha) on 50 year old vines. The wine is vinified as cleanly as possible, using indigenous yeasts, without fining or filtration.

Despite its 17°, the palate displays a beautiful freshness

The elaboration of a dry rancio:

The sugar has been transformed into alcohol. Aged in oxidative mode like the mutated wines and put on sale at least five years after the harvest (10 years at Domaine de Rancy!).

They are often compared to the great yellow wines of the Jura and the Jerez Andalusian wines, or to the finos and manzanillas. The most traditional technique is to use a system known as solera by keeping a perpetual barrel. It is topped up with new wine when some of its contents are removed for bottling

All Roussillon grape varieties are allowed to be used in the composition of dry rancios, but they are most often made from white, grey or black Grenache, Macabeu or Carignan. They always end up amber after ageing, whatever the original colour. Dry rancios are classified as IGP des Côtes Catalanes or Côte de Vermeille.


Schistose and clay-limestone soils on the slopes ofthe communes of Latour de France, Estagel, Montner and Estagel

In the vineyard

Vines 50 years old on average

Green harvesting
Checking the maturity of the grapes
Harvesting at a minimum temperature of 15°
Harvesting by hand

In the cellar

Direct pressing: Sutter 35 hectos
No industrial yeast, yeasts from the terroir
Slow fermentation 10-15 days with temperature control
Aged on fine lees in concrete vats for 8 months, then aged in 100 year old oak barrels for 10 years (seeking oxidation for rancio type).

Tasting temperature

13° - 15°

Suggested food and wine pairing

Anchovies, smoked herring, tapas, Catalan ccatalan cured meats, dry-cured ham, manchego, old stilton, chocolate 80%, pistachio macaroons

The estate

17 hectares of which 12 hectares are dedicated to the production of Rivesaltes.

And to finish More Information

SKU 721011
Name of wine Rancio sec - Macabeu
Vintage 2011
Limited production No
Note RVF 93/100
Consumption recommendation 2022 - 2041
Alcohol degree 18
Capacity 50 cl
Original packaging 6
Type of packaging Cardboard
Certified Viticulture Organic
Colour Amber
Type of product Wine
Country France
Region Roussillon
Appellation PGI Côtes Catalanes
Domain Rancy
Dominant style Powerful
Grape varieties 100% Macabeu
Dominant grape variety Macabeu
Grape variety Macabeu

The Domain Rancy

93/100 RVF
Rancy - Rancio sec Macabeu
PGI Côtes Catalanes
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Rancio Sec Macabeu Rancy

Rancio sec - Macabeu - Rancy

2011 - PGI Côtes Catalanes