2 Coupes de Champagne Cristal Riedel – Sku: 15441 – 1
Special Price €35.00 Regular Price €49.00
2 Verres Cristal RIEDEL Riesling Grand Cru Gamme Vinum XL 40.5cl – Sku: 15431 – 3
Special Price €39.00 Regular Price €55.00

The very first Riedel glass was born 250 years ago! Eleven generations have followed to make Riedel the most recognised glass industry in the world of wine, always at the forefront of technology and innovation.

To properly appreciate your best wines, the choice of tasting glass is an important element. Each type of wine, and by extrapolation each grape variety, has by definition its ideal container

The size, shape and chalice of the Riedel glass are proportioned to the grape variety to ensure that the wine is best perceived and enhanced. The function of the glass takes precedence over its aesthetics.

You can select the glasses of your choice according to their use. Riedel offers an exceptional range of glasses. The "Aperture" range is designed to accommodate one type of wine (whites, reds, champagnes, etc.) with an excellent quality/price ratio, while the famous Vinum range (made of crystal with more than 24% lead), launched in 1986, will play the card of precision to the great pleasure of the discerning wine lover, in search of the best container, by type of wine and by grape variety, to accommodate his great Burgundies, his great Syrahs or even his famous Whiskies as they should be.

The Riedel range of glasses is completed by its decanters, all mouth-blown and made of crystal, with an extreme aesthetic. Combined with each glass, it will offer an exceptional tasting of each wine for you and your guests.