Alvaro Palacios

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Alvaro Palacios - L'Ermita 2021 – Sku: 1119721
Alvaro Palacios

Not far from Tarragona, Alvaro Palacios created his own estate in 1989 by investing in the lands of Priorat, a region with volcanic soil and steep slopes that had been neglected until then. A true precursor in the region, his success was immediate and he made a major contribution to the development of Spanish wines, following in the footsteps of his father Remondo Palacios, who made the wines of the Rioja region known worldwide

Influenced by prestigious winemakers such as J.P Moueix de Pétrus, Alvaro Palacios drastically reduced yields in order to produce the best possible wine. His dream is to produce a wine halfway between Pétrus and Penfold's Grange. Considered by the Wine Spectator to be "Spain's most sensational winemaker", the talented winemaker strives to hand-pick (especially when you see the slopes...) fully ripe grapes from 30 year old vines to produce predominantly Grenache or Carignan wines, his Les Terrasses being the most famous, both powerful and silky. He has recently begun to invest in the Bierzo region with the same intentions and discipline. A winemaker to follow closely...

Come and discover these famous vintages of Alvaro Palacios, who is only just beginning his rise. You will find ideal matches with powerful dishes or Mediterranean cuisine for great moments of pleasure. Be sure to enjoy all these wines in moderation.