Aérateur de vin Vinturi Deluxe

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Description VINTURI Deluxe wine aerator, original version!

The VINTURI Deluxe wine aerator was invented for this reason.To enjoy a bottle of wine, you have to let it "breathe" before you drink it.

The VINTURI Deluxe wine aerator will "reveal" the true taste of your wine. From the first sip, you will find its original bouquet, intensified aromas and a smoother finish.

The principle is based on the technique of fluids (Bernoulli). The faster the speed of a fluid, the lower the pressure in the fluid. As the wine passes through the VINTURI Deluxe wine aerator, the speed of the wine is increased and the pressure is reduced. The pressure difference mixes the wine with the incoming air, resulting in perfect aeration.

It is not only revolutionary, it is also very elegant and easy to use and clean. Less cumbersome than a carafe. A refined effect on your table is guaranteed!

Thanks to its design foot, all you have to do is put your glass under the aerator and pour the wine into it. As it passes through the aerator, the wine is oxygenated and reveals all its aromas and flavours. It is no longernecessary to decant the wine. No need to open the bottle at least one hour before your guests arrive. You can open it in front of them

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Domain Vinturi
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The Domain Bel Air Marquis d'Aligre

A very high level and ultra original Margaux... Bel Air Marquis d'Aligre is an extraordinary wine made from 68 vintages (in 2018) of Jean-Pierre Boyer's 13 hectare vineyard. A unique wine made with the 4 Bordeaux grape varieties and aged only in concrete vats. BAMA (as the aficionados of the domain say) is distinguished by its not very intense colour, closer to a pinot than a cabernet, a not very powerful palate but with a distinction, a perfume and a rare finesse, very suave in its tannins. It has taken the good habit of challenging the greatest Medocs because it is able to age gracefully for several decades like its much more expensive Medoc counterparts..

The Domain Vinturi

Aérateur de vin Vinturi Deluxe

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Aérateur de vin Vinturi Deluxe

Aérateur de vin Vinturi Deluxe Vinturi