Système de service Coravin + 2 capsules Coravin™

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A revolutionary product!

The patented Coravin™ serving system allows wine to be served without removing the cork from the bottle. Never being exposed to oxygen, the wine remaining in the bottle therefore continues to age naturally, and can be enjoyed weeks, months or even years later.

Coravin™ serving system
Accessing the wine:
A thin, hollow needle punctures the cork of the bottle. There is no need to remove the aluminium protection or wax.
Pressurising and serving:
The bottle is pressurised with an argon capsule, a natural gas that does not alter the wine. Once the bottle is pressurised, the wine is poured through the needle into your glass.
Removal and re-capping:
The needle is extracted and the cork is re-formed, protecting the wine from oxidation so that it continues to age naturally. So you can enjoy it, one glass at a time, weeks, months or years later.
Box Contents:
  • 1 Coravin™ 1000
  • 1 Standard needle (17 diameter)
  • 2 Coravin™ capsules
  • 1 Bottle Sleeve
  • 1 Holder
  • 1 Needle cleaner

Accuracy: 1 capsule can be used to serve approximately 20 glasses.

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Système de service Coravin + 2 capsules Coravin™

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