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  • Cognac Paul Giraud - XO Vieille Réserve 25 ans Cognac Paul Giraud - XO Vieille Réserve 25 ans

X.O Vieille Réserve de Grande Champagne - Paul Giraud - Cognac

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Cuvee informations :
Color : Amber
Cuvee's name : X.O Vieille Réserve de Grande Champagne
Producer : Paul Giraud
Appellation : Cognac
Capacity : 70 cl
Produit coup de coeur


"Old pool X.O.

Brandy very flexible and very soft, with a characteristic rancio of old waters of life preserved in barrels for about 25 years. More molten stone fruit scents "cooked" (plum, prune), long in the mouth.

Learn more:

Winemakers from father to son since the 1650s, Paul Giraud is specialized in bottling of very old cognacs authentic 0%Grande Champagne, first cru of the Cognac delimited region.

Indeed, his 35-hectare vineyard is entirely located in the heart of the Grande Champagne on the Commons of Bouteville and St-- careers, known for the subtlety and the bouquet of their spirits.

These methods of traditional work lead them to harvest by hand, in order to respect the quality of the grapes they harvest.

They bring a very great care to winemaking and distillation, they usually do during the months of December and January.

Ageing in limousin oak barrels is crucial because it is he who brings all his nobility to their products. Their particularly wet cellars provide exceptional flexibility and a mellow their cognacs.

In addition, the importance of their stock of very old cognacs their allows to guarantee an excellent quality over time.

The quality of their products is touted by several journals of the wine of France. Their cognacs have also won awards at various competitions.

They export currently in 18 countries that are: the United States, the GB, the Belgium, the Netherlands, the Germany, the Switzerland, the Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Spain, the Australia, the Canada, the Austria, the Denmark, the Portugal, the Hungary, the Sweden and the Norway. Their Cognacs are appreciated all over the world.

Development of the cognac:

Hand harvest on the entire crop for the development of the cognac avoid to impurities in the distilled wine. The harvest usually takes place in October when the grapes have reached a maximum of aromatic maturity. The performance is around 1 HL of wine has per hectare and the average level of alcohol varies between 9 and degrees. The pressing of the grapes is performed immediately after the harvest in a pneumatic press. The juice is fermented immediately. Chaptalization is prohibited. The wines ferment about two weeks and headlined about 8 degrees.

Traditional distillation using two stills with two heaters by 24 hours took place in December and January of each year.

Why distill?
Alcohol is a product of the fermentation of sugar in the natural state in the form of glucose and levulose in fruits. alcohol is associated with many other compounds, isolate him of these complex mixtures. This operation is performed by distillation. The principle of distillation is based on differences in volatility of these various compounds. Only themselves in the water of life, the volatile substances which are the main elements of the bouquet.

The distillation is done in two heaters through a said alembic "charentais" composed of a characteristic shape boiler, heated fire naked and surmounted by a tent shaped onion, extended by a neck turning into a coil and crossing a cooling pool called 'pipe'. The unfiltered wine is introduced into the boiler and a boil. The alcoholic vapors emerge, accumulate in the tent, engage in the Swan neck and then in the coil. In contact with the refrigerant, they condense to sell in the form of "" brouillis"". This slightly turbid liquid, titrant volume 27 to 30%, is poured into the boiler for a second distillation, the "good heater". [the Distiller will then perform a delicate operation called "the Cup": the vapors coming first, very rich in alcohol, are called heads and spread.] Then there is the "heart", brandy and clear which will give the cognac. [Finally, the Distiller eliminates the seconds when the alcoholmeter shows 60

Additional Information

Product reference 14940
Type of products Liquor
Vintage No
Country France
Region Charente
Appellation Cognac
Cuvee's name X.O Vieille Réserve de Grande Champagne
Title supplement No
Speciality No
Stock information No
Producer Paul Giraud
Capacity 70 cl
Sweetness index No
Main style No
Alcohol Percent 40
Grape varieties No
Main grape variety No
Production limitée No
Box type 6
Box type Case
Organic wines No
Color Amber
Consumption recommendation No

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