Liqueur de Myrtille

50 cl
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The blueberry cream of the Carthusian Fathers, is consumed very cold, with ice cubes or with still or sparkling water.
As an aperitif, serve the liqueur with a very chilled white wine or a chilled champagne to release all its aromas.

All these liqueurs, based on a recipe from a 16th or 17th century grimoire, were developed by the Carthusian Fathers; their commercialisation allows their Community to survive and to continue to pray in silence and solitude, according to the inspiration of Saint Bruno.

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SKU 14302
Name of wine Liqueur de Myrtille
Capacity 50 cl
Original packaging 6
Colour Garnet
Type of product Other alcohols
Country France
Region Chartreuse
Appellation Liqueur
Domain Carthusian Fathers

The Domain Carthusian Fathers

Enter the mythical world of the Carthusian Fathers. The recipe for the famous Chartreuse is still a great mystery, and has been since the 17th century. Nevertheless, we do know that the VEP Chartreuses, with exceptionally long ageing, are rich in 130 plants, which give them a truly exceptional aromatic complexity... The tasting of a VEP, to be drunk iced preferably, is a great moment, at every tasting!

The Domain Carthusian Fathers

Les Pères Chartreux - Chartreuse 1605 Liqueur d'Elixir
Carthusian Fathers
Chartreuse Verte classique 70cl - Les Pères Chartreux
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Les Pères Chartreux - Chartreuse Santa Tecla Jaune 2019
Carthusian Fathers
Une Chartreuse Verte - Les Pères Chartreux
Carthusian Fathers
Chartreuse La Tarragone Fabiola Jaune 1970/1973 - Les Pères Chartreux
Carthusian Fathers
Les Pères Chartreux - Jéroboam Liqueur du 9ème Centenaire
Carthusian Fathers
Les Pères Chartreux - Jéroboam Chartreuse Cuvée des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France MOF
Carthusian Fathers
Chartreuse de Tarragone Verte 1978-1983 - Les Pères Chartreux
Carthusian Fathers

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Liqueur de Myrtille Les Pères Chartreux

Liqueur de Myrtille - Carthusian Fathers

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