Beaumes de Venise

Grape variety
Grenache 75 %, Syrah 25 %
Bottle 75 cl
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This magnificent Beaumes de Venise red wine from the Domaine des Bernardins has a brilliant ruby-cherry colour.On the nose, complex aromas of black fruits, spicy notes, as well as floral notes of lavender and garrigue flowers. On the palate, it is fresh and fruity with supple and integrated tannins.

A family property for five generations, a bottle of Muscat from 1847 in the possession of the estate bears witness to the age of the estate. At the Domaine des Bernardins, they started making wine at the beginning of the 19th century. The former property of the Bernardins monks was transformed into a wine estate. Mr Louis Castaud was the first to be alarmed by the near disappearance of the traditional production of the village and obtained the appellation Muscat de Beaumes de Venise in 1945 after 10 years of work and tenacity. His family managed to make the Domaine des Bernardins prosper by combining know-how and tradition. Today his daughter Renée Castaud still participates in the life of the Domaine. Her granddaughter Elisabeth, her husband Andrew Hall and their son Romain make this wine which is part of the family history.

The vineyard and the terroir are the essence of the wines of this estate. This is where it all starts and where they focus their efforts all year round. There are no great wines without great grapes.

Most of the work is done by hand. Five full time people work in the vineyard, plus seasonal teams during green harvesting and harvesting to bring out the best in their vines. Manual work and interest in each vine are essential. Thus, pruning, disbudding, trellising, leaf removal and harvesting are done by hand with meticulous care.

The soil is maintained by traditional ploughing. Organic fertilisers are made from grape marc.

The estate works and respects the national standard of "integrated agriculture".

In terms of crop protection, they use phytosanitary products only when necessary and justified and by splitting up treatments in an adapted manner, so as to minimise the quantities of products used. They favour cultural and biological methods to reduce the use of plant protection products as much as possible. Grassing of the soil, disbudding and leaf removal from the vines, maintaining biodiversity at the edge of the plot: olive trees, almond trees, rosemary trees, caper trees and cypresses.

In a spirit of respect for tradition and the use of the best technology, Andrew Hall, Cellar Master and his son Romain Hall, Oenologist, are committed to continuing the family tradition.

Two red wines are made at the estate. These are terroir wines made from two typical Côtes du Rhône grape varieties: Grenache and Syrah. They do not follow a vinification recipe, but are constantly seeking to give priority to the expression of the terroir and the particularity of the vintage. Without going too far towards over-ripening and over-extraction, the freshness of the wine and its balance seem essential to them.
During a 15-day vatting period in concrete vats, they seek to gently extract the tannins and anthocyanins that are essential to the structure and colour of the wine. No contact with wood is made during the maturing process. This allows the characteristics of their terroir to emerge freely.


A terroir is a delimited geographical area (such as the vineyards of Beaumes de Venise and the Dentelles de Montmirail) defined by a human community which, over the course of its history, has built up a set of distinctive cultural traits, knowledge and practices based on a system of interaction between the natural environment and human factors. The know-how involved reveals an originality, confers a typicality and allows recognition for the products or services originating from this area and therefore for the people who live there. Terroirs are living and innovative spaces that cannot be assimilated to tradition alone. (Proposed definition based on an INRA/INAO working group).

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What a dish with the Beaumes de Venise?

Wild boar stew
No pairing recommended for fish
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Practical information

Apogee: 2021 - 2025

And to finish More Information

SKU 4902
Name of wine Beaumes de Venise
Vintage 2020
Limited production No
Consumption recommendation 2021 - 2025
Alcohol degree 14
Capacity Bottle 75 cl
Original packaging 6
Type of packaging Cardboard
Colour Red
Type of product Wine
Country France
Region Rhone Valley
Appellation Beaumes-de-Venise PDO
Domain Domaine des Bernardins
Dominant style Fruity - Floral
Grape varieties Grenache 75 %, Syrah 25 %
Dominant grape variety Grenache

The Domain Domaine des Bernardins

The reputation of Muscat à petits grains des Bernardins grows vintage after vintage. With its exceptional ageing capacity, the Muscats de Beaume de Venise des Bernardins is a nectar capable of rivalling the greatest natural sweet wines, and is surprisingly greedy when young. The estate also produces reds that are well worth the diversions, of remarkable richness and singularity, and which progress vintage after vintage. An unmissable estate in the Southern Rhône Valley...

The Domain Domaine des Bernardins

95/100 RVF
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