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  • Nicolas Joly Coulée de Serrant Nicolas Joly Coulée de Serrant

Coulée de Serrant 2019 - Nicolas Joly - Coulée de Serrant AOP

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Cuvee informations :
Color : White
Cuvee's name : Coulée de Serrant
Vintage : 2019
Producer : Nicolas Joly
Grape varieties : 100% Chenin
Capacity : 75 cl bottle
Viticulture  Biodynamique


The casting of squeezing, the masterpiece of Nicolas Joly, a master of biodynamics!

Understanding the philosophy of the domain

Having recourse to the cellar has no "cosmetic surgery" that makes the wine flattering often to the detriment of its originality, all during the year we act to help the vine to feed on the particularity of our soils of shale (taken by the roots) and d u microclimate grasps by the leaves. In addition to the biodynamic preparations, throughout the winter we bring the sheep of Ushant who clean the vines as real gardeners while "the smoking". From the spring we spend different herbal teas to calm the possible climatic excesses. Thyme or lipped more globally (lavender, oregano, savory, Sage) warm the soils and can be a protection against frost. The many nettle teas support the activity of the SAP especially during periods of drought, which allows to reinforce photosynthesis and thus to mark the grapes of the climatic origins of the vintage. We also use garlic which is a great friend of the vine, great confrey etc.

To limit the negative effects of the monoculture that is the vine, voluntarily, parcels that have the right to the appellation are left in meadows or copses with almost permanent presence of different animals (donkeys, horses, goats). A herd of cows and 1 Bull Nantes-race threatened with extinction in 1985-high on the land of the estate provides us with the necessary annual manure. We have practiced this for 35 years and thanks to the quality of our terroirs our wines can express tastes 0%from nature.

At this stage a wine is therapeutic.

The domain

7 hectares planted in 30 on steep slopes (facing South) by the Cistercian monks and always remained in vine since, 20 will be the 880th consecutive harvest. Work of shist and quartz soils partly to the horse.

Average age of vines: 40/45 years old, the oldest vines are 85 years old.

The woods of the vines replanted for 15 years come from the oldest vines of the casting of squeezing (1920 surroundings). This helps to reinforce the subtlety that the place expresses in a species over the centuries. Yields are generally 20 to 30 hectolitres per hectare (authorizations are 40 hectos/hectares for the casting)

Biodynamics has been implanted in 1980 and since 1984 the entire Vineyard has benefited. No synthetic, acaricide, pesticide, systemic, weeding, nitrate chemical products have been used since that date. A little sulphur and Bordeaux porridge (copper and lime) is used every year (/15 kg of porridge/hectare/year, dosed in copper at 20%). Sulfur is a beneficial contribution of light at the time of flowering of the vine (one or two treatments at 15kg/hectare/year). Copper is limited (2/3 kg/hectare/yr) because it slows down the life of the soil. All soils are grassed.

The harvest is done in 3 to 5 TRIS manually each year over 5 weeks in General between the end of September and the beginning of November. Fermentations span several months.

The squeezing casting, planted in 30 by the Cistercian monks, alone benefits from a controlled appellation of only 7 hectares and which we have a monopoly. The average age of the vines (about 45 years) planted on this hillside of shale, the very low yields (2O hectos/HA), and the agriculture in biodynamics since 3O years, have allowed to express, the unique qualities of this place by not using any technological artifice to the cellar.

Nicolas and Virginie JOLY

Additional Information

Product reference 10246
Type of products Wines
Vintage 2019
Country France
Region Vallée de la Loire
Appellation Coulée de Serrant AOP
Cuvee's name Coulée de Serrant
Title supplement No
Speciality No
Stock information No
Producer Nicolas Joly
Capacity 75 cl bottle
Sweetness index No
Main style Authentic - Terroir
Alcohol Percent 15
Grape varieties 100% Chenin
Main grape variety Chenin
Production limitée No
Box type 6
Box type Cardboard
Organic wines Biodynamic
Color White
Consumption recommendation 2029 - 2049